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Version: 5.2 (upcoming)


It is common usage to insert a link into the component menu for direct access to your own component. This is done in the manifest file:

Menu item Component in example.xml

[.. ]

Add a dashboard to your component:

A parameter "dashboard" expands the menu entry to your component with a link to a dashboard. You can give this dashboard any name you want, but Note: use lowercase and only "-", never underscore for the dashboard name. my-example or example are correct, my_example, Com-MY_EXAMPLE are wrong.

The param dashboard

  • will make a dashboard icon appear next to the administrator menu item for the component
  • The dashboard icon will click through to display modules assigned to the cpanel-example administrator module position
  • The title and icon defined in the XML file will be used as the header and icon at the top of the component's dashboard page.
Dashboard Link


Joomla provides now a dashboard for your component. You can add modules here using the position: cpanel-example .

Dashboard title and icon

Give your dashboard a name and an icon. Add this to your manifest file:

Dashboard title and icon
<dashboard title="COM_EXAMPLE" icon="icon-calendar">example</dashboard>

If you want to address different views of your component, expand the menu with a submenu.

Submenu items
<menu link="option=com_example" view="examples">COM_EXAMPLE_MENU</menu>
<menu link="option=com_categories&amp;extension=com_example" view="categories">COM_EXAMPLE_ENU_CATEGORIES</menu>
<menu link="option=com_fields&amp;view=fields&ap;mp;context=com_example.example">COM_EXAMPLE_MENU_FIELDS</menu>
<menu link="option=com_fields&amp;view=groups&amp;context=com_example.example">COM_EXAMPLE_MENU_FIELD_GROUPS</menu>

Your dashboard is empty and waits for modules to be filled in. If you want to add your submenu, you have to

  • add a folder presets to your component
  • create a preset for your module
  • add the presets folder to your .xml file
  • expand your install script

Presets are already used in the core, see examples the component com_menu.

The menu preset

In a folder 'presets' create a preset file, name it example.xml.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
xsi:schemaLocation=" menu.xsd"


Manifest file

New folder in example.xml


<files folder="admin">

install script

We suppose here that you have a install script in your component. If not, please read the doc for install scripts.

You add your preset in the dashboard of your component with a single line of code during installation:

installation script
    // Add menu module to dashboard 
$this->addDashboardMenu('example', 'example');

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