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Version: 5.1 (upcoming)

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Welcome to the Joomla Developers Manual

The purpose of this guide is to give developers an up to date guide showing best practice in writing and maintaining Joomla extensions. It also offers a migration path for extensions from older Joomla! versions to the latest standard. We will run through the tools and process required to set up a local development environment with the ability to get the most out of the guide as a developer.

Quick start

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Contribute to this documentation

The Joomla Developers Manual is written using Docusaurus, a system that can allow all users of Joomla to contribute to the documentation using Markdown language.

A good place to start, if new to Markdown, is the Markdown Guide

The documentation is maintained via GitHub where you can at anytime create/edit/delete content to improve the documentation. Click the Edit this Page link at the bottom of this page to contribute via a Pull Request.


This page is unfinished, please use the Edit this Page link at the bottom of this page to help make it more useful.