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New deprecations

All the new deprecations that should be aware of and what you should now be using instead.

Workflow requires database and application

File: libraries/src/Workflow/Workflow.php Replacement: The application and database will be mandatory Example:

$workflow = new Workflow($extension, $app, $db);

File: libraries/src/MVC/Model/WorkflowBehaviorTrait.php Replacement: The trait requires a getDatabase function which is provided by the Joomla\Database\DatabaseAwareTrait trait so it is recommended to use both traits together. If you are using the workflow trait in a model, then the database trait is already available. Example:

class Foo {
use MVC/Model/WorkflowBehaviorTrait;
use Joomla\Database\DatabaseAwareTrait;

countMenuChildren in HtmlDocument is deprecated

File: libraries/src/Document/HtmlDocument.php Replacement: Load the active menu item directly from the application and count the children with the php count function. Example:

$app->getMenu()->getActive() ? count($app->getMenu()->getActive()->getChildren()) : 0;

com_search-specific methods in Language are deprecated

File: libraries/src/Language/Language.php Replacement: com_search will not be supported in Joomla 6.0 anymore and there is no replacement for these methods.

JPATH_PLATFORM variable is deprecated

File: libraries/bootstrap.php Replacement: The variable JPATH_PLATFORM should not be used anymore to check if the CMS is correctly initialized, use _JEXEC instead. Example:

defined('_JEXEC') or die;

The function emailToPunycode in the PunycodeHelper class is not accepting null values

File: libraries/src/String/PunycodeHelper.php Replacement: The function throws a deprecated message when a NULL email address is passed to the function.

The aid property of the User class is deprecated

File: libraries/src/User/User.php Replacement: The $aid property will be removed with no replacement as the user roles are defined through an access level.