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Removed and backward incompatibility

All the deprecated features than have now been removed and any backward incompatibilities. There should be an explanation of how to mitigate the removals / changes.

Events: Using getArgument and getArguments as intended

It is not recommended to use $event->getArgument('0') for events that does not have an event class. In future such event will receive own class and named arguments, and this code will not work.

As long as the event is not converted to it's own class or you need to support both versions please use the following example. All other ways are not supported.

[$arg1, $arg2] = array_values($event->getArguments());

As example for Joomla 4 and preparation for Joomla 5 you can use code such as

public function onBeforeCooking(EventInterface $event)
if ($event instanceof BeforeCookingEvent) {
$recipe = $event->getRecipe();
$plate = $event->getPlate();
} else {
[$recipe, $plate] = array_values($event->getArguments());

Events: Setting a result of immutable event is deprecated

Setting the result of Immutable event $event['result'][] = $result is deprecated. Only an event which implement ResultAwareInterface can receive a result through $event->addResult($result).

Event classes: Event pre-processing methods should now use onSet/onGet prefixes instead of set/get


// Old
protected function setFoobar(Foo $value): Foo
return $value;

// New:
protected function onSetFoobar(Foo $value): Foo
return $value;