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Version: 5.0

Welcome to the Joomla! Programmers Documentation for Joomla 5.0

This documentation hold information for developers of templates, modules, plugins, components, libraries. In Joomla! context all kind of this software are called extension. People often split extensions in to 2 categories.

  1. Core extension - Extensions which are shipped with Joomla installation package
  2. 3rd party extensions - Extensions developed not by Joomla and installed separately

But basically it shouldn't matter if the extension is provided by Joomla or by an external developer.

This manual should help any kind of developer, if you are a template creator or just want to write the next Joomla shop system. Everything you need to understand Joomla development should be found here. If something is missing (this chance is really since we getting started this new documentation) please don't hasitate to contribute with a github pull request to improve the manual for all of us.