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Version: 5.1

Joomla Dialog (popup) script

Joomla Dialog module provides a functionality which allows to display various Dialogs (popup) windows.

To add Joomla Dialog module to the page use WebAssetManager $wa->useScript('joomla.dialog'), and to enable auto binding of the buttons on the page use $wa->useScript('joomla.dialog-autocreate').

Joomla Dialog allows to display dialogs with following content:

  • inline - text or html content;
  • iframe - embed/remote content, in iframe;
  • ajax - same as inline but the content loaded through ajax request;
  • image - image lightbox;

Provides helper methods for replacement alert() and confirm() dialogs. Provides helper to bind page button/anchor to show the popup, for basic stuff, without extra js needed.


  • popupType (string) The popup type, supported: inline, iframe, image, ajax.
  • src (string) Source path for iframe, image, ajax.
  • popupContent (string|HTMLElement|HTMLTemplateElement) Content for inline type popup.
  • cancelable (boolean) Whether popup can be closed by Esc button.
  • textClose (string) An optional text for close button. Applied when no Buttons provided.
  • textHeader (string) An optional text for header.
  • iconHeader (string) An optional Class names for header icon.
  • width (string) An optional limit for the popup width, any valid CSS value.
  • height (string) An optional height for the popup, any valid CSS value.
  • popupTemplate (string|HTMLTemplateElement) A template for the popup.
  • preferredParent (string|HTMLElement) The element where to attach the dialog, for cases when no parentElement exist, see show(). This allows to keep the dialog in the same branch of DOM as the popupContent.
  • popupButtons (array) An optional list of buttons, to be rendered in footer/header (or bottom/top of the popup body, when header/footer does not exist).
  • className (string) An optional class for the joomla-dialog element.
  • data (object) An optional object with data attributes for joomla-dialog element. Note: the data keys should be camelCase, example {fooBar: 1} for data-foo-bar="1".

The properties of Joomla Dialog are immutable, they can be set only before rendering. After that they cannot be changed.

Any property can be set as instance property or in class constructor. This two is equal:

// Proprty in class constructor
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog({
textHeader: 'The header',
popupContent: '<p class="p-3">Popup content text</p>',

// Proprty in to class instance
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog();
dialog.textHeader = 'The header';
dialog.popupContent = '<p class="p-3">Popup content text</p>';;

Buttons example:

dialog.popupButtons = [
{ label: 'Yes', onClick: () => dialog.destroy() },
{ label: 'No', onClick: () => dialog.destroy(), className: 'btn btn-outline-danger ms-2' },
{ label: 'Click me', onClick: () => dialog.destroy(), location: 'header' },


  • show() Show the dialog. Will append dialog to DOM when it was not appended before.
  • close() Close the dialog.
  • destroy() Destroys the dialog.
  • getBody() Return the dialog body element.
  • getBodyContent() Return content element. Will return popupContent for inline and ajax types, HTMLIframeElement for iframe type, and HTMLImageElement for image type.
  • getHeader() Return Header part of the dialog, when available.
  • getFooter() Return Footer part of the dialog, when available.

Static methods

  • JoomlaDialog.alert(text) Show a text dialog, with one "okay" button. Returns Promise, that resolves when User closes dialog.
  • JoomlaDialog.confirm(text) Show a text dialog, with "Yes/No" buttons. Returns Promise, that resolves when User click one of buttons, with result true or false.


  • joomla-dialog:open Fired when dialog is opened.
  • joomla-dialog:close Fired when dialog is closed.
  • joomla-dialog:load Fired when content is finished loading.
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog({
popupContent: '<p class="p-3">Popup content text</p>',
dialog.addEventListener('joomla-dialog:open', () => {
console.log('Dialog is opened!');
dialog.addEventListener('joomla-dialog:close', () => {
console.log('Dialog is closed!');
dialog.addEventListener('joomla-dialog:load', () => {
console.log('Dialog content is loaded!');

Usage examples

Enable asset with $wa->useScript('joomla.dialog').

import JoomlaDialog from 'joomla.dialog';

// Inline
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog({
textHeader: 'The header',
popupContent: '<p class="p-3">Popup content text</p>',

// IFrame
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog({
popupType: 'iframe',
textHeader: 'The header',
src: 'index.php?option=com_content&view=articles&tmpl=component&layout=modal',

// Ajax
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog({
popupType: 'ajax',
textHeader: 'The header',
src: 'index.php?option=com_content&view=articles&tmpl=component&layout=modal',

// Image
const dialog = new JoomlaDialog({
popupType: 'image',
src: 'images/headers/walden-pond.jpg',

Alert and Confirm usage:

import JoomlaDialog from 'joomla.dialog';

// Alert
JoomlaDialog.alert('Chase ball of string eat plants, meow')
.then(() => {
console.log('All done');

// Confirmation
JoomlaDialog.confirm('Cheese on toast airedale the big cheese?')
.then((result) => {
console.log(result ? 'Okay' : 'Not okay');

Dialog auto-create

Binding button/anchor for basic stuff. The asset allows to create the dialog for basic needs without use of additional JavaScript.

Enable asset with $wa->useScript('joomla.dialog-autocreate').

Button attributes:

  • data-joomla-dialog Indicates that the element is intended for joomla.dialog-autocreate. Can be empty or contain JSON string with parameters for JoomlaDialog.
  • data-joomla-dialog-cache When attribute is present the dialog will be cached, and not destroyed on close. Any future click will open the same dialog instead of creating a new one.
  • data-reload-on-close When attribute is present then script will reload the page after closing of the dialog.
  • data-close-on-message When attribute is present then script will close the dialog on receiving any message from its Window (from postMessage()).
  • data-checkin-url When attribute is present and contain a value then the script will perform POST request to given URL after closing of the dialog. Useful for checkin operations for dialogs with content editing.

Auto-create examples

<button class="btn btn-primary" type="button"
data-joomla-dialog='{"popupType": "iframe", "width":"80vw", "height": "80vh", "src":"index.php?option=com_content&view=articles&tmpl=component&layout=modal"}'>Click</button>

<button class="btn btn-primary" type="button"
data-joomla-dialog='{"popupType": "inline", "src":"#popupText", "width": "fit-content", "height": "fit-content"}'>Click</button>

<a href="index.php?option=com_content&view=articles&tmpl=component&layout=modal"
data-joomla-dialog class="btn btn-outline-primary">Click</a>

<a href="#popupText" data-joomla-dialog class="btn btn-outline-primary">Click</a>

<template id="popupText"><p class="p-3">Popup content text</p></template>