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Version: 5.2 (upcoming)

Words to Watch

This is a 'living document' that can be updated as needed over time.

Words to Watch (W2W) are words commonly misspelled or which may have variations that depend on the Joomla! style guide choices.

Accepted WordUnacceptable WordDetail
AdministratoradministratorAlways capitalise when referring to the Joomla! User level or the Backend Administrator. When referring to the site administrator then it is lowercase
addressSpell with a double d.
adapteradaptorsomeone who adapts; adaptor plug
a lotalotUse as two words, not one.
amend and amendmentSpell with a single m at the beginning.
ArticleCapitalise the word Article when referring to the element of Joomla! content.
AutoCorrectOne word with capitalisation as shown
Backendback end back-endOne word not hyphenated or two words.
backup and back upUse backup when used as an adjective, as in "he had a backup disk in his bag" and use back up when using it as a verb, as in "don’t forget to back up your hard drive".
BannerAlways capitalise when referring to the Component element or Manager function.
bitmapbit map or bit-mapOne word not hyphenated or two words.
blacklistblack listone word not two
cacheablecachableThe 'e' should not be dropped.
CAPTCHAcaptcha CaptchaCaptcha is an acronym that stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is pronounced as a real word and not spelled out then it should be written as captcha according to our style guide (see acronyms).
Category (Manager)Always capitalise when referring to the Component element or Manager function.
collapsiblecollapsableThe correct spelling is -ible
Contact (Manager)Always capitalise when referring to the Component element or Manager function.
checkboxcheck box
check-in (noun/adjective) (Global) Check-incheckin (noun/adjective)We will be using check-in, which must be capitalised when referring to a specific function, Menu Item, or button such as Global Check-in. It is correct to use check in (verb) as in 'check in your materials'.
Component (Manager)Capitalise the word Component when referring to an Extension in Joomla!.
ContactCapitalise the word Contact when referring to the element of the Joomla! Contact Component.
Control Panelcontrol panelCapitalise when referring to the Joomla! Backend functional area.
CSScssAlways capitalise except in code or when a file extension.
databasedata baseOne word not two
directoryDo not use. Use folder instead
dropdowndrop-down drop downOne word not hyphenated
emailE-mail e-mailNo hyphen and lower case. Except Email is obviously correct at the start of a sentence! We will be going with email (lower-case and non hyphenated) for consistency.
Extension(s)extension(s)Refer to Components, Modules, and Plugins collectively as Extensions. Always capitalise when referring to CMPT’s.
file namefilenameTwo words rather than one.
fine-tunefine tune finetuneOne hyphenated word.
folderDo not use directory always use folder
Frontendfront-endOne word not hyphenated or two words.
Front Page front pageFrontpage frontpageAlways two words. Capitalise the words Front Page when referring to the Menu Item element of Joomla! content.
GmailGMailAlways capitalise the first letter only
GzipGZipOnly capitalise the first letter when referring to the name of the program
hard diskhard-diskTwo words. No hyphenation
hardwarehard-wareOne word. No hyphenation
home pagehomepageAlways two words.
HTMLHTM htmlAlways capitalise, except in code or when a file extension.
IDId idAlways capitalise when referring to a database ID. Lowercase when referring to a CSS id.
iframeIframe iFrameLower case unless at the start of a sentence.
informationinfosAlways use information. Infos is not a real word
internetInternetLower case unless at the start of a sentence or referring to Internet Explorer
IPIp ipIP is an acronym that stands for internet protocol. As it is pronounced by spelling out the letters and not as a real word then it should be written as IP, all capitals with no periods, according to our style guide (see acronyms).
JavaScriptjavascript Java ScriptOne word but with the J and S capitalised.
Joomla! joomla JoomlaSee separate tradmark document
joomla_root/Use as the starting point to all references to directories within the core installation to avoid confusion with the web server or database root.
keyboardkey boardOne word not two
licence and licenseUse licence as a noun for the permit you obtain to do something like hunt or drive, but use license when you mean it as a verb, to give permission to or allow someone to do something or for something to occur.
login, logon, logoff, and logoutNoun always one word one “g” the act of logging into or out of a computer or website. NOT the name of the field - that is Username
log in, log on, and log off log outVerb to go through the procedure of logging in to or out of a website for example.
maintenancemaintainenceSpell with -ten- in the middle and end with -ance.
ManagermanagerWhen referring to either the User level or a Manager screen (Poll Manager) it is capitalised.
Media Managermedia managerCapitalise when referring to the Joomla! function.
MenumenuWhen referring to a specific menu in Joomla! always capitalise.
Menu Itemmenu itemTwo words and capitalise both when referring to the specific element within Joomla! but not when generally discussing any old menu items
metadatameta dataOne word lower case
meta [attribute]meta-descriptionAlways two words and [attribute] is always lowercase
misspellmispellSpell with a double s.
ModulemoduleAlways capitalise when used for a Joomla! Extension.
Multi-factor Authenticationmultifactor authentication multi factor authenticationMulti-factor must always be a single hyphenated word and only the complete word should be capitalised.
multilingualmulti-lingual multi lingualone word
multitaskingmulti-tasking multi taskingone word
News Feednewsfeed NewsfeedAlways capitalise when referring to the Component within Joomla!, and always two words. If referring to a news feed and not the component then still two words but not capitalised
necessary and necessityneccessarySpelled with one c and a double s.
OKOk, okCapitalise both letters
onlineon-line on lineOne word lower case
Open Source (OS)Open sourceCapitalise the O and S.
overwriteover write over-writeOne word
page breakpagebreaktwo words not one
passwordpass wordOne word
passkeyPasskey, PassKeyPasskey is a common noun (capitalise as you would do for password)
pdfPDFlower case
PHPphpAlways capitalise except when used as a file extension or in code
phpassPHPassAlways lowercase even when at the start of the sentence or in a title
Plugin(s)plug-inOne word
PostScriptPost Script post-scriptOne word. Capitalise P and S.
practice and practiseUse practice as a noun when describing actually doing something rather than just discussing it or theories about it.
program and programmeprogram when referring to code; otherwise programme
reCAPTCHArecaptcha Recaptcha ReCaptcha ReCAPTCHAThis is the name of a specific product/service from google so should be spelt exactly this way. It is never capitalised even at the beginning of a sentence.
receiverecieveUse i before e except after c.
RSSrssAlways capitalise except when used as a file extension or in code
SEFSef sefAlways capitalise
semicolonsemi colon semi-colonOne Word
separateseperateSpell with -par- in the middle.
shallDo not use. A better word is will. This will be displayed not this shall be displayed
softwaresoft ware soft-wareOne word
source codesourcecodeTwo words
style sheetstylesheet style-sheetTwo words no hyphen
subdirectorysub-directory sub directoryOne word
success and successfulsucessSpell with a double c and a double s.
Super UserSuper Administrator super administratorAlways capitalise when referring to the Joomla! User. There is no such thing as a Super Administrator
surpriseSpell with an r before and after the p.
text areatext-area textareaWhen referring to the area that you enter content then it is two words. When referring to the HTML tag then it is one word
toolbartool bar tool-barOne word
twelfthtwelthSpell with an f in the middle.
TwittertwitterTwitter is a trademark so should always be with a capital
unfortunatelySpell with -ately at the end.
URLUrl urlCapitalise except when used in code.
UseruserWhen referring to a specific Joomla! User always capitalise first letter
user groupusergroup User GroupTwo words lower case
Usernameuser nameOne word. You login with the Username NOT the login name
UTF-8utf-8 utf8Always uppercase and hyphenated
vCardVCard vcard VcardAlways spelt vCard even at the beginning of a sentence or in a label.
webWebLower case
Web link Web Linkweblink web-linkTwo words unhyphenated. Capitalise the words when discussing the Component variant - Web Link Manager.
Web serviceswebservicesTwo words with the first word capitalised. When used in a title, label or button then the normal rules apply and both are capitalised.
websiteweb site Web Site Web siteOne word not capitalised
whitelistwhite listone word not two
wi-fiWIFI wifi WI-FILower case and hyphenated.
WordwordWhen referring to a Word document this should always be capitalised as it is a trademark
World Wide Web (WWW)Worldwide WebCapitalise, as it is a proper noun. Three separate words. Capitalise the abbreviation (except in URL’s)